Rent Luxury Villas & Holiday Homes With Pool In St Vincent & The Grenadines

Rent Luxury Villas, Private Holiday Homes, Resort Villas, Safari Lodges and Apartments in St Vincent and The Grenadines with a Private Pool, Luxury Amenities and Overlooking the Sea.
Here are some of our favourite things to do on holiday in St. Vincent and the Grenadines:
Explore the Tobago Cays: This archipelago is made up of five uninhabited islands surrounded by crystal clear waters and coral reefs. It's a great place for snorkeling, diving, and swimming with sea turtles.
Visit the Botanical Gardens: Located in Kingstown, the capital city, the botanical gardens are home to a wide variety of exotic plants, a beautiful Japanese garden, and a hummingbird sanctuary.
Hike the La Soufriere Volcano: This active volcano on St. Vincent is the highest peak on the island and offers a challenging hike with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
Sail around the Grenadines: The Grenadines offer some of the best sailing conditions in the world, with calm waters, steady winds, and beautiful scenery. Hire a yacht or take a day trip to explore the islands.
Visit the Falls of Baleine: This beautiful waterfall is located on the northwestern coast of St. Vincent and requires a short hike through the rainforest to reach.
Visit the Dark View Falls: This beautiful waterfall is located in the northern part of St. Vincent and offers a refreshing swimming spot after a short hike.
Try the local cuisine: St. Vincent and the Grenadines offer a variety of delicious Caribbean cuisine, such as fried fish, plantains, and callaloo soup. Don't miss trying the island's national dish, roasted breadfruit and fried jackfish.

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