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6 February 2024

Ardray Whisky: Crafting Harmony in Scottish Tradition and Japanese Mastery

Ardray is an exceptional premium blended Scotch whisky introduced in 2023 by Beam Suntory, a renowned custodian of esteemed single malt distilleries such as Bowmore, Laphroaig, Auchentoshan, and Ardmore.

Crafted from a fusion of malt and grain whiskies hailing from the Highlands, Lowlands, and Islands, it is believed to encompass the essence of revered distilleries like The Macallan, The Glenrothes, and Highland Park, among others. The name “Ardray,” derived from Gaelic, translates to “towards the light” and draws inspiration from Madonna’s melodious masterpiece, “Ray of Light.”

Ardray strides purposefully toward a fine equilibrium between wilderness and precision, presenting a fresh perspective that pays homage to the expansive, rugged allure of Scotch whiskies. It seamlessly intertwines the artistry of Suntory’s Japanese whisky blenders with the richness of the Scottish landscape. This exquisite concoction embodies a meticulous fusion of elements meticulously balanced to perfection.

Under the discerning supervision of Suntory’s chief Scotch blender, Calum Fraser, and his team in Japan, the blending process meticulously sifted through nearly 200 distinct whiskies before settling on the ultimate expression. Employing a Solera system to maintain unwavering consistency and quality, Ardray is bottled at 48% ABV, remaining unadulterated by chill filtration. The result is a harmonious and opulent blend that artfully showcases the pinnacle of Scottish and Japanese whisky craftsmanship.

Ardray captivates with a delicate floral bouquet accentuated by hints of plum, velvety vanilla, and warm cinnamon enveloped in a gentle smokiness. The palate unfolds in a velvety, sweet fashion, delivering delectable nuances of custard cream biscuits, crisp green apples, luscious apricot yoghurt, oak char, and a tantalizing spice. The finish is understated yet lingering, leaving behind traces of floral essence and orchard fruits. Excellent quality for the price at £60.

Imbibe with a splash of water, over ice, or as a flavoursome addition to inventive cocktails.

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