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6 February 2024

At your service…

At your service…
Head Concierge at InterContinental London Park Lane, Simon Rose is an expert in luxury service. He’s also a member of exclusive international concierge network The Society of the Golden Keys, which prides itself on its rigorous application process. Members have their fingers firmly on the pulses of their cities, able to accommodate requests at any time of day or night.
How does a concierge service enhance someone’s experience?
While travellers are increasingly savvy when researching destinations, there are certain gems and experiences that really only a person with impeccable knowledge of that destination can tell you about. Also, many of our guests are repeat visitors, keen to explore more and see the lesser-known side of London with each trip. It is the role of a concierge to be fully up to date with everything that’s going on so we can ensure guests get the absolute most from the experience. We liaise with guests well before they arrive, and the ability to read a guest and deliver an experience that exceeds their expectations is the key.
What kind of luxury experiences might you arrange for a client?
More and more people are seeking new experiences. We can help a guest personally curate their trip, or they can select from one of the experiences we offer. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes tour of galleries, a VIP shopping tour in London’s most fashionable stores or cocktails atop historic Wellington Arch, I help make sure guests get the experience they are looking for.
What other experiences are currently popular?
A fascinating one is access to the Sunseeker Superhawk featured in James Bond’s The World is Not Enough, which was also one of the ‘boats to watch’ during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant– the largest flotilla to ever grace the Thames. Guests can enjoy a tour from the first-mate who manned the boat during the Jubilee. Taking it even further, we can arrange for you to become James Bond for the day and act out your own dramatic plotlines! Another lovely English experience is a hosted shopping trip with a Beadle at London’s iconic Burlington Arcade, where you’ll learn about exceptional British quality and bespoke craftsmanship.
What do you think helps make England a world leader in concierge services?England’s rich royal heritage in particular means we have a long history of providing impeccable service. While service has evolved for the modern day, guests ultimately want things that have always been important such as the anticipation of needs, to feel welcome, and to have a trusted source of information.

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