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6 February 2024

Baltic 175 Pink Gin: The Largest Carbon Fibre Yacht In The World

One of our favourite yachts is the Baltic Pink Gin, this superb silver hulled sloop was launched in 2017, and won sailing yacht of the year at the World Superyacht Awards in 2018.
Pink Gin is not only the largest carbon fibre sloop in the world, but also displays some of the most innovative features seen in a sailing yacht, including two opening balconies set into the topsides, Baltic Yachts’ revolutionary Force Feedback Steering System and an 18-ton carbon composite hull and deck shell built to the highest degree of accuracy.
Design Unlimited did a sublime job fitting the interior, making it look truly unique with some fascinating touches, mixing rustic reds and purples in a warm toned setting more akin to a boutique hotel than a sloop. We particularly like the sea toned mosaic of different woods lining the door panels and the exterior inverted tree chandeliers up on deck.
Key Features Of Pink Gin:
    •    Topsides openings forming a balcony in the owner’s suite and side entry to the main lobby
    •    Force feedback steering system simulating handling characteristics through feather-light steering
    •    18-ton carbon composite hull and deck, precision built in three parts
    •    67.9m sloop rig 16m taller than a j class rig
    •    71-ton lift keel with torpedo bulb
    •    Tall sail plan for excellent performance in moderate and light wind conditions
    •    Three-cockpit deck lay out with chandelier illumination
    •    Accommodation for 10 guests plus owner in ultra-luxurious cabins
    •    Lightweight, all carbon/Corecell/Nomex construction
    •    18-ton carbon composite hull and deck shell
    •    17-ton lifting keel
    •    Opening balcony in owner’s suite
    •    Port side hull opening into lobby area
    •    Baltic’s unique Force Feedback Steering System
    •    Carbon sloop rig 16m taller than a J Class
    •    Three-cockpit layout featuring chandelier illumination
    •    Super-luxury accommodation for 12 guest and 8 crew
    •    Stunning interior design featuring leather, fish skin and exotic timber finishes
Ground Breaking Carbon Super Sloop
Baltic 175 Pink Gin represents what Baltic Yachts stands for in terms of build quality, advanced construction techniques and special features, which have challenged our engineers and designers to make the seemingly impossible possible.
The project brought together the same design team responsible for the Baltic 152 Pink Gin, benefitting from the performance pedigree of naval architects judel/vrolijk & co. and the inventiveness of Design Unlimited for the stunning interior and cockpit ergonomics.
Ultimate Picture Window – Topsides Hull Openings
This is the second largest yacht Baltic Yachts has built in its 44-year history and is a perfect example of the company’s ability to innovate on a large scale using their in depth skills in composite construction. Living al fresco is no longer restricted to being on deck. At the touch of a button Baltic 175 Pink Gin’s owner can access the fresh air and sea as a panel in the topsides is hydraulically opened to create the ultimate picture window and a personal bathing platform, literally adding a new dimension to the owner’s suite. A similar arrangement exists on the port side of the main saloon, providing a stunning entry to the yacht’s large lobby. Each door becomes part of the yacht’s load bearing structure through their locking pins and hinges. Finite element analysis was used to ensure class approved engineering.
“ Pink Gin perfectly demonstrates what Baltic Yachts is capable of in terms of technical excellence, problem solving, finish to the highest standard and producing a yacht which reflects precisely the wishes and dreams of the owner.
Henry Hawkins
Baltic Yachts’ Force Feedback System
Car power steering technology has been developed by Baltic Yachts’ engineers and Esoro, a Swiss specialist engineering company, to provide the helmsman with a better sensation of ‘feel’ enabling him to experience how the yacht is responding. The size and weight of a yacht like Pink Gin means electrically-powered rams have to be used to make steering easier. Baltic Yachts’ Force Feedback system mimics loads and movement caused by waves and side forces and relays them to the wheel, giving the helmsman a realistic sensation of the yacht’s behaviour. The mechanism requires no physical link between the rudder and the wheel. The control sensor at the wheel ‘talks’ to the ram electronically providing it with instructions while providing the helmsman with the sensation he would expect if the yacht were equipped with direct steering.
Pink Gin Won Sailing Yacht Of The Year At World Superyacht Awards 2018
The Baltic 175 Pink Gin, the world’s largest carbon fibre sloop, has been voted the Sailing Yacht of the Year at the prestigious World Superyacht Awards 2018.  She also won the Sailing Yachts 50m and Above category making it a glittering achievement for the silver-hulled sloop.
The awards were made at a gala event at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence last weekend and marked the fifth year in succession in which a Baltic Yachts-built vessel has won a WSA award. Pink Gin follows in the wake of multi-award winning Baltic Yachts Inukshuk, WinWin, Nikata and My Song.
The 53.9m, 235-ton Pink Gin beat five of the world’s finest sailing yachts to take the overall award and in her class she was given the award ahead of the 58m Ngoni and the 58.6m Seven.
The Awards panel commented:
“Pink Gin’s hull and rig are a triumph of structural engineering in that her fore and aft deflection is a mere 76mm, despite a 300-tonne rig loading.“
“The two large hull openings – a guests’ boarding platform to port and a balcony in the master cabin forward – further add to the complexity of this engineering.”
Since Pink Gin’s launch in Jakobstad, Finland in June 2017, she has crossed the Atlantic twice, visited South America, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean and is now planning a passage through the Baltic.
The yacht’s owner,  Professor Hans Georg Nader, a longstanding client of Baltic Yachts, said:
“Pink Gin has already cruised more than 25,000 nautical miles in the 10 months since her launch reflecting the success of a highly complex design and build project – I really love this beautiful sailing yacht.”
“Only by breaking new boundaries will superyachting continue to thrive to meet the demands of owners looking for new ideas, better and safer ways of operating yachts and, above all, creating the very best bespoke product possible.”
The significant engineering challenges presented by Pink Gin’s hull openings were met by Baltic’s in-house experts, specialist structural engineers Gurit and the yacht’s naval architects judel/vrolijk & co. 
Rolf Vrolijk said of Pink Gin’s achievement:
“We are very proud of that we were part of the team that created this masterpiece.  Pink Gin represents everything that makes it an award-winning superyacht.”
Baltic 175 Pink Gin’s highly individual interior, featuring unusual finishes and stunning works by Cuban artists, is by UK-based Design Unlimited who worked closely with the owner on this and previous yachts. 
Baltic 175 Pink Gin is a prime example of what can be achieved by Baltic Yachts using advanced composites and highly-refined engineering solutions. This is the first carbon fibre sailing yacht of this size in the world to feature openings in her topsides, one forming a balcony in the owner’s suite, the other providing a waterline-level entrance to the yacht’s main lobby on the port side.

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