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6 February 2024

Bentley Launch Azure a New Fragrance For Men

Bentley presented their new fragrance for men, Azure, at the Langham Hotel London last night. It was a great evening and I was feeling pretty dapper, having just been groomed by the celebrated and charming Brent Pankhurst. Pankhursts is the most refined barber in London, providing iconic 60’s British luxury and style.
The new Azure by Bentley Fragrances is a modern twist on the old Fougères or fern like fragrance family. This olfactive group is the basis of modern fragrances and was first produced by Paul Parquet for the House of Houbigant in 1882. Fougère Royal was the first perfume to use Coumarin extracted from tonkin beans, though it can be found in several plants. Its smell is mostly reminiscent of freshly mown grass.
Azure takes a new direction for Bentley. It is less floral than the first two Bentley fragrances that launched last year, fresher and more subtle, with a zesty citrus top note, and hints of pineapple and violet. The top note is the first aroma to hit you consisting of fast evaporating molecules and these sharp and citrus smells are clean and invigorating.
The heart of the scent is a spicy Mediterranean cocktail with pimento, lavender, sage and green accord. This is the scent that appears after a minute or so forming the middle of the dispersion process, generally lasting up to an hour and they are rounded and mellow.
The base note is more luxurious and sensual to convey the essence of the Bentley brand, with cashmere wood, tonkin bean and the exclusive fragrance molecule orcanox. Cashmere wood is one of my favourite aromas and you can really sense it as the fragrance settles into your skin. Orcanox is a synthetic compound derived from Ambergris and highly prized in the fragrance business. I still have some real Ambergris bought many years ago in North Africa which wafts a delightful pungent aroma that is both soft and sweet without being cloying.
This luxurious scent was composed by Mathilde Bijaoui, who has been working for ten years at the prestigious French fragrance house Mane and is one of the world’s top perfume creators. We will be talking to the fragrance house later this week for an in depth look at their skills and passions.
The silver blue Azure bottle was designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff and has the Bentley diamond cut band with the “Flying B” engraved on it.
This is a great perfume for men which women will like too, not always obvious. It is reminiscent of Issey Miyake, but less sharp, and has a deeper luxurious bouquet than Davidoff’s Cool For Men. Its an excellent fragrance and I for one will be wearing it.
The family of fragrances of Bentley For Men Azure: woody, fresh and spicy
Top notes:
Lemon Pineapple Bergamot Tangerine Violet leaves
Heart notes:
Pimento, Tea Accord, Lavender, Clary, Sage
Base notes:
Cashmere Wood, Tonkin bean, Orcanox
The new fragrance Bentley For Men Azure will be available from March 2014 exclusively in Harrods UK, and from April worldwide in selected perfumeries and department stores.

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