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6 February 2024

East Hamburg Hotel

The East Hamburg Hotel is without doubt the most achingly trendy modern hotel in Hamburg, which has no shortage of trend spots. The whole hotel is so hip and boutique it practically defines these generic terms.
The hotel knows its audience well and caters directly to them. It is the perfect hotel to stay in if you are going out in Hamburg for a good time, see the clubs or like to have fun whilst doing business.
It is centrally located close to the best restaurants and bars but keeps enough distance so you are not disturbed of an evening. It’s a gentle five minute stroll down to the Reeperbahn, which is now the busiest evening destination for going out.
The outside of the hotel is flat and stark, but the entrance takes you through the uber modern trendy plush bar past the large two floored club and restaurant with giant chandeliers and grandiose sculptural features. It’s not necessarily aimed at a young or hip crowd, but it does not hurt to be either. This hotel even has its own social app where you can post selfies, images of interest and updates that other guests can follow. You can also use this to meet up with other guests and mingle or plan your evening forays into Hamburg. I’m amazed that every hotel has not instantly copied this already. It will happen very swiftly. Its a brilliant way of socialising the guests and I’m sure its used as a local dating app too.
My room was swinging 60’s Bauhaus, no frills but thoughtfully designed. Uncluttered with colourful touches, with open plan bedroom and kitchen. It felt a bit like living in a 60’s science fiction idea of today, so whilst modern it feels somewhat anachronistic. I guess you would call is playful designer boutique modern!
The bar and club downstairs are packed in the evening and populated by business and pleasure seekers keen to absorb the stylish party atmosphere. This is something that Hamburg does extremely well and this hotel clearly excels in this area. The lounge conjures up deep reds, coloured lights, flowing stairs and gothic pillars in a vast high ceilinged room and cranks up the excitement with loud music, pretty waitresses and a dazzling array of cocktails.
This is essentially the best place to stay and experience Hamburg in party style, with the emphasis on fun and plush surroundings. Nearby you have the famous Reeperbahn with all its restaurants , bars and clubs, not to mention the boarded off street for men only. If you wish to see the most famous bordellos in the world, take a wander down Herbert Strasse with its ladies, a street that is locked off from woman, only men allowed, protected at both ends by panels with only a small passage way for access. They do not seem to mind non participating tourists ambling through so it’s worth a look for educational purposes!
They are lots of great restaurants nearby too, East Hotel also run the Clouds Restaurant which has great view of the city at night, they even nick name it heaven. The cuisine is simple and healthy meat dishes with a French influence and many of the dishes are cooked at the table. The venue is bustling and lively and a great place to start the evening off.

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