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6 February 2024

Executive Villas Are Becoming Tourists First Choice

It doesn’t take an industry expert to work out the travel and holiday sector has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Whereas once package vacations were the mainstay, skip forward to 2015 and the landscape looks markedly different.
Take the rise in executive villas, for example. People are increasingly looking to secure one-of-a-kind, individual experiences that can’t simply be plucked off the metaphorical shelf. This means substituting luxury hotels- which, by definition, will always have other guests staying in rooms, enjoying the same privileges as their neighbours- for private residences that truly offer a home from home, far from the madding vacationing crowd.
The reasons for this rise go well beyond the mere desire to get off the beaten track, too. As far back as 2013 people were pointing to the rise in online advisory websites, written by locals for visitors, which had begun taking a bite out of the professional tour guide market. As guests in a foreign land, we’re increasingly wanting to assimilate ourselves with the permanent population, see the country through their eyes, understand the indigenous culture and take home better knowledge of what life is really like in the area.
We no longer prefer to have everything decided for us in a pre-determined itinerary, but instead ask for more of a say in our holidays. This goes for everything from the food we eat to the precise location of our accommodation. Hire a professional chef with expert knowledge of the traditional cuisine to come and prepare meals in the villa kitchen, narrow down a search for an address to rent within a few square metres. The choices are endless for those with enough budget to spend, and the appetite for something that really is ‘bespoke’ seems to be insatiable.
So call it the YOLO spirit (You Only Live Once, for those who are less familiar with social media-born acronyms), or label it merely fatigue resulting from decades of mass market tourism- even at the highest end of the market. Either way, what’s clear is that hotels are finding it increasingly difficult to counter the rise in independent residences. So whilst the majority of visitors to London, Paris and New York are likely to punt for a hotel due to availability, even for those on a budget options such as AirB&B have boosted competition exponentially- and the very reason that business exists is down to the emerging and highly notable trend for holidaying like a local. Of course this is very different to luxury apartments, villas and mansions in terms of pricing, but nevertheless the situation remains the same.
The old modus of an isolated holiday experience, far removed from the community surrounding your choice of where to stay, is definitely out, then. It’s time to embrace a new type if vacation: Executive luxury villas is the way to go.
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