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6 February 2024

Formex On The Enduring Power And Appeal Of The Luxury Sports Watch

The term luxury sports watch might seem a bit of a misnomer at first. However, look more closely at this style of watch and when, where and by whom it has been worn and it becomes easy to appreciate its powerful classic appeal. Formex Swiss Watches are a brand who wear their love of high octane, adrenaline fuelled sports proudly and firmly on their wrists.
Up until the early 1960s a man would wear the appropriate style of watch for the occasion. A business meeting and a suit called for a slim, discreet and elegant dress watch; to conquer Mount Everest in 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary relied upon his Rolex Oyster Perpetual and when stepping onto the surface of the moon Buzz Aldrin was wearing his rugged Omega Speedmaster.
It was a case of never the twain shall meet; that was until James Bond appeared on the big screen in Goldfinger wearing a Rolex Submariner dive watch with his wetsuit and a short while later was seen wearing the same watch with his impeccably tailored dinner jacket. This was the moment when men realised that the luxury sports watch was more than a timepiece to wear only whilst pursuing your passions.
A great sports watch will look at home on a yacht, at the wheel of a racing car or piloting a plane. It will be robust, rugged and very masculine whilst retaining a versatility that means it can be worn in the boardroom as well as on the beach. Its appearance and performance will match both wardrobe and lifestyle without compromising its original design intent.
Formex Watches was created in the late 1990s and its name is a combination of the two French words “forme extrème” meaning the extreme shape and design of the watch and alluding to fitness and sport. There are four models to choose from – Element, Motorsport, Diver and Pilot – their look and attributes fuelled by the world’s they were named for.
Formex Watches are completely Swiss made and designed; a fusion of high performance materials such as stainless steel, titanium grade 2, ceramic, carbon-fibre and very reliable Swiss Made movements making them virtually indestructible. One of the most unique aspects of a Formex watch is its case suspension system. Inspired by the world of high performance bikes and racing cars, this cushion concept protects the watch movement from strong impacts or vibrations and makes the watch incredibly comfortable to wear. And as Coco Chanel once opined, “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”
Formex don’t just put their sports credentials into the design and function of their watches they also put it into supporting incredible extreme sportsman. Company CEO, Raphael Granito is an avid sportsman who enjoys many high-octane pursuits, from motor sports, to skiing, snowboarding, sky diving, free diving and surfing. These passions have led naturally to partnerships with exciting athletes; Reubyn Ash – UK champion surfer; Marc Hauser – world record skydiver; Alex Toril – winner of the Dubai 24h and Le Mans Michelin cup; Elias Ambühl – champion free skier; Thomas Genon – champion dirt jump and slopestyle mountain biker: Abraham Calderón – champion Nascar and Freightliner Truck driver. These sportsmen are all incredibly talented and push the boundaries of the possible; they pursue their dream of achieving extraordinary feats of daring and skill and all are very proud to wear a Formex watch.
James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, said it so well, “a gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit”. The elegant dress watch, intelligent smart watch or pure sports watch all have their appeal and their place. But for sheer versatility you can’t beat the watch that can do it all, the timeless, luxury sports watch that has bold, classic appeal and embodies all that is best about design and function. This is where a Formex watch comes in, arguably the most affordable luxury sports watch in the world, bold, rugged and more than able to walk the walk.
Find out more about Formex Swiss Watches, their brand ambassadors and experience their watches with the virtual app: or follow them @formexwatch on Twitter and Instagram.

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