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6 February 2024

Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves

If you ride all year round, you will no doubt have your riding gear well-sorted. There’s nothing worse than being wet, freezing and cold but you still have miles to go. 

For me, my hands tend to get cold first which causes me the most issues. They hurt, and on occasion, I’ve found it becomes more difficult to operate the clutch and brake because my hands are so wet and cold. Usually, it’s my own fault for not wearing the correct gear in the first place. 

As the temperatures started dropping in October, I thought I needed to take drastic action. Salvation came in the form of Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves…..heated gloves baby!! 

Heated riding gear has been around for some time now, it’s not a new thing. I’ve never used it but have been thinking it’s the way to go. 

Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves are described as 3-layer softshell. This means 3-layer laminated material, water-repellent, windproof and waterproof. They are breathable and offer high levels of protection whilst specific insert allows the use of touch screens without having to remove the gloves.

Furygan says they have been developed in partnership with Kevlar® engineers no less. 

“At the heart of this product, a fabric of Kevlar® fibres captures and homogenizes the heat, while protecting the hand. This heat, generated by a double yarn covering from the back of the hand to the fingertips, is diffused even more efficiently thanks to the properties of the Kevlar® fibre and the carbon alloy – an intelligent conductor of calories -, present in weaving.” 

This means that the gloves have filaments across the back of the hand, to the fingertips, and are very well insulated to hold the heat for an extended period. They get warm and stay warm.

Power comes from removable 7.4V / 2200mA LiPo batteries that slip into a pouch inside the cuff of the gloves. The batteries are 60mm x 40mm x 13mm and weigh 77g each. Noticeable, but not a problem at all. 

Battery life, of course, depends on settings. If you turn it all down, set the heating intensity to its lowest setting, which is 50% and switch SmartMove mode on, you can see up to 3 hours 20 minutes. Set to Auto and with the temperature set to 40 degrees C, I’ve seen just over 2 hours out of a full charge. You can also order a second pair of batteries for extended journeys, or in the most extreme conditions, opt for a wired connection from your gloves to the battery of your bike using the Furygan Heat Cable. A USB charging cable is included. 

Operating the gloves is simple. 

1-Click mode.

You simply press one of the rubber, waterproof, Furygan, backlit button on the cuff of each glove. That turns it on and links it to the other glove. The first press turns it on and it starts heating, simple. Press it again and you scroll to the next preset temperature. Easy to use on the bike. The best way to unlock the glove’s features is to download the MyFurry Connect app. This easily connects to the gloves and means you can control features like; 

Auto-regulation mode.

Thanks to a temperature sensor, the Heat X Kevlar® can regulate the temperature of your choice, according to the set point set in the “MyFury Connect” application.

Smart-Move mode.

Conserve your batteries by selecting one of three automatic wake-up and sleep modes that work in sync with the accelerometer included in your gloves.

My Heat mode.

Customize your heating modes.


Set your gloves in the free MyFury Connect app to automatically preheat 5 minutes before your departure time, and optimise their performance.

Smart-Move mode.

Clever. A glove that adapts to your activity level. Conserve your batteries by selecting one of three automatic wake-up and sleep modes that work in sync with the accelerometer included in your gloves.

Auto Regulation.

Activate and adjust with a click the temperature of your gloves. They regulate and maintain that temperature.

Regardless of the awesome technology hidden in the gloves, they are very well-made, comfortable gloves that offer great protection. They have 100% goat leather palms and D3O® metacarpal protection. D3O® is an awesome impact absorption material, thin and flexible. They look good, are really comfortable and despite the clever heating technology, aren’t too bulky. I weighed mine and they’re only 250g each, including the battery.


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