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6 February 2024

Furygan Legend Evo Leather Jacket

I’ve wanted a black leather biker jacket with a red lining ever since my early teenage years. 

Back then I was a bit of a rocker with a hint of goth and was already sneaking into pubs and clubs to watch bands. 

That ’70s Ramones-Esq look was aspirational; long hair, black leather biker jacket complete with red lining, cool rock band t-shirt, tight blue jeans and converse or DrMartins was so evocative. 

For some reason, I never actually achieved my goal of owning a jacket back then. All my money went on a guitar and having a good time and the years just passed me by. 

Here we are, some 35 years later and I finally have my black leather biker jacket with red lining! 

It must be one of the most timeless pieces of clothing ever designed. As far back as the 1911 Isle of Man TT, there are images showing riders in black leathers. In 1953 Johnny (Marlon Brando) and his motorcycle gang rolled into Carbonville for a biker competition; the film is The Wild One. In1969 Peter Fonda wore one in Easy Rider. 

Elvis, James Dean, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Marlon Brando, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and so many more have adopted the black leather biker jacket as their symbol of rebellion. 

My Jacket is the Furygan Legend Evo. 

This is a pretty understated jacket, with no coloured stripes or even coloured stitching. The Furygan logo is subtle, embossed across the shoulders, but you can hardly see it. There’s a small black metal Furygan logo stitched into the left breast, a black on black round embroidered Furygan badge on the left upper arm and a laser-etched logo on the zip flap, all very subtle. 

Although the tone of this jacket is retro, the protection is not. You have D3O CE-certified armour in the shoulders and elbows and an internal pocket for a D3O back protector. D3O is the orange impact protection material that is light, flexible and amazing at absorbing impact. It’s great stuff.

The red liner is a thermal lining that is removable and Furygan has incorporated accordion stretch panels at the shoulders for added flexibility, waist straps adjustable by a couple of black rubber-coated press studs and jacket to trouser connection loops. 

Furygan has fitted the Legend Evo jacket with two internal pockets; vertical opening breast pockets, and three external pockets; one on either side and one on the left chest panel.

You have zips in the cuffs to make it easy to slip on and black rubber-coated press studs at the collar so you can button up and keep the wind out. 

Leather is simply the best material in terms of abrasion resistance……..and smell! I love the smell of a leather jacket. The fit is great and I really love wearing the Furygan Legend Evo. Call me childish, but I like the image this jacket projects. 

I’ve had this jacket a couple of months now and haven’t been kind to it on purpose. I’ve worn it in all weathers, pouring rain, scorching sunshine and everything in between. It’s been thrown it in the boot of the car, over the back of the sofa, on the back of a chair in the kitchen, on the floor in my bedroom and it just gets better and better. 

This is a jacket that will last for many years and get better with age. As it weathers it starts to tell a story, your story. Make it a good one.


Category: Lifestyle, Supercars