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6 February 2024

Horwin CR6 Electric Motorcycle Review

You’ve probably noticed the surge in electric motorcycles, with new models popping up on a daily basis. One such model is this Horwin CR6.

What is the Horwin CR6? It’s a 6.2kw, retro-styled, commuter electric motorcycle.

Range, in my experience, is between 60-90 miles, but range is always difficult to talk about because it depends on how you ride, the conditions, the terrain and more. 


This bike only weighs 134kg so feels very light, and will reach around 60 mph. It has some cool features such as an LED headlight, USD forks, the fuel tank is actually a storage compartment and it looks good. There’s no ABS but instead, it has CBS linked brakes which work well with good feel.


The CR6 makes a great commuter bike. It has a low seat height and handles very well. One of the best features of this bike is that you can ride it on an A1 (125cc) licence. 


Horwin’s CR6 is very well priced at just £4992. To put that in context, the Suzuki GSX-S125 is around £4199, so the Horwin is a few hundred pounds more, but you have to factor in the savings you benefit from with an electric motorcycle.

The are minimal running costs with an electric bike, For a start, there’s no fuel to pay for and they are very cheap to recharge. If you recharge at work it’s free. There are also minimal maintenance costs due to very few mechanical parts too, just a battery which has a 3-year warranty, and an electric motor. There’s no clutch, no gearbox, not engine. Electric bikes are very simple.


This bike charges through a 3 pin plug and takes around 3 hours from empty to full.

I expected the Horwin CR6 to feel like a budget bike, but it really doesn’t. 

It feels like a mainstream manufacturer’s motorcycle, well made and good quality. It’s easy to ride, comfortable and fun. 


This Horwin CR6 is part of the demo bike fleet over at English Electric Motor co. They are the UK largest electric motorcycle dealer and have a huge range of bikes in all sizes. If you are interested in going electric, I would suggest giving them a call or dropping in for a test ride.


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