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6 February 2024

International eXcellence Interviews Victoria Tryon

Victoria Tryon is an award winning designer jewellery, who creates bespoke and limited edition luxury jewellery collections. Her beautiful jewellery can be seen and bought on the luxury shopping site
– Where did you study and what is your background?
I grew up in a picturesque village in Wiltshire and was educated locally at Marlborough college. I studied Gemology with the Gemological Institute of America.
– How did you get your business started?
With enthusiasm and passion!
– How did you finance your business in the beginning?
I was fortunate to have a sizeable number of deals lined up as the business launched and took it slowly, feeling my way.
– What were the biggest challenges?
Inventory management. There would be a trend for a collection and it was trying to predict how many to make of each piece.
– Who or what most influences your work?
I am constantly astounded and inspired by the wonders of the natural world
– What made you choose your particular medium and why?
Precious materials are not only beautiful, but also a good asset.
– Take us through the creation of one of your designs?
I will usually be out walking and something I observe will trigger an idea. I then conceptualise it, sketch some ideas and then transfer them to the computer. On the computer we can create a 3d image and eventually print a model. I enjoy the technical challenges that many of my designs present.
– What else outside the art world influences you in your work?
Nature and travel
– What great mentors have you had in your life?
My mother – who ran a successful business with 4 young children.
– What aspect of your work gives you the most enjoyment?
The pride I feel when I see how thrilled clients are with my work.
I relish the opportunity to be part of monumental occasions in people’s lives and the emotions surrounding that.
Also the knowledge that many of my creations will withstand time and behanded down through generations.
– What impact has technology had on your business?
Technology has been hugely impactful. The fact that we can create a 3D image of a piece and even print a model is incredibly helpful. It’s very
reassuring for clients that they know exactly what they’re getting. It provides confidence and minimises error.
– What one luxury can you not do without?
– What actions do you take to keep a certain quality of life?
Aim to nurture in all aspects of life, particularly yourself.
– What are you working on now and what are your plans for the future?
I am currently working on my next collection, due to be launched imminently. Watch this space! I am looking to expand my distribution.
– List some brands, people, works that you consider excellent?
I respect those who dare to be different but not just for the sake of it such as Sophia Webster shoes, Azzedine Alaia fashion and Jar jewellery.

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