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6 February 2024

Little Whale Cay Private Island In The Bahamas

Have you ever dreamt of spending your time with family and friends on your own dream desert island, albeit with just a few utterly essential luxuries?
Little Whale Cay is a beautiful, fully staffed private island you can rent in the Bahamas, promising you an unforgettable tailor-made vacation built around you and everything you could wish for in the holiday of a lifetime.
Set in the Berry Islands, in the heart of the Bahamas, this private tropical island retreat offers accommodation for up to 12 guests in three luxury villas. Steeped in local Bahamian history and easily accessible by plane from Florida or Nassau, this is a unique opportunity to spend time in your own private paradise. Little Whale Cay even has it’s own 2,000’ airstrip, suitable for light twin aircraft. Flying from Fort Lauderdale, customs can be cleared at Chub Cay – a port of entry into the Bahamas – before an onward flight of five minutes into Little Whale Cay.
Chub Cay’s airstrip is suitable for private jet aircraft, where you can transfer into a smaller aircraft or be collected by one of the Little Whale Cay island boats.
With it’s stunning white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters; private airstrip, harbour and flotilla of boats for fishing, cruising or water sports; a compliment of 13 staff including a personal chef and masseur; a sea-view infinity pool, tennis court, yoga deck and gym; this private Caribbean island rental offers every opportunity to indulge yourself and create memories to last a lifetime.
Developed in the art-deco era of the 1930s as a private island paradise by the famous Wallace Groves (an early pioneer in the Bahamas), the 93 acre island is available for exclusive charter for up to 12 guests in 7 bedrooms across 3 secluded sea-view houses, Little Whale House, Peacock House and Flamingo House.
Apparently it can take a day or two for guests to realise there is no need to lock the doors, that they are safe and secure in their own little island kingdom!
Tropical fish and turtles are found in the waters around the Cay. Birds include flamingos, Bahamian duck, Bahama woodstar humming birds and domestic peacocks, the origins of which can all be traced back to Wallace Groves’ bird collection.
Little Whale Cay is a private tropical island paradise for rent, where you can indulge your taste buds with dishes created to suit your personal preference by a private chef from delicious, fresh and organic vegetables, fish and meat. From unbelievably fresh sashimi made from the kingfish you have caught that afternoon to juicy, char-grilled barbecues and freshly picked fruit salads, the emphasis is on healthy eating complemented by refreshing wines and a legendary rum punch, all of which are served by a team whose focus is on making every day on Little Whale Cay an unforgettable one. Food is flown in regularly and so all diets can be accommodated. Menus are discussed with you in as much, or as little detail as you like, in advance of your holiday.
The new managers at Lttle Whale Cay, Mark and Shannon Matheson, a Canadian couple, are utterly charming. They have been on the island for eight months now, know all the best swimming spots and can recommend delightful ways to spend your days, if you wish, or be a left to enjoy this paradise as you so desire. They make you feel completely welcome and will ensure that your visit is nothing less than magical.
Little Whale Cay has two distinct stories to tell. One of tranquility, relaxation, escape, security and peace. Exclusive surroundings to unwind, watch time slow down and relax away from crowds, secure in the heartfelt welcome from their staff who make you and your family feel as if you have come home to where your dreams reside.
The second story is one of invigorating the soul. An unspoilt, private playground where your sense of fun and adventure can run wild as you make use of all the facilities available. Free your wanderlust exploring the local islands and indulge your taste buds with dining adventures created by your own personal chef, that are as unforgettable as the sun-kissed days on an island, where the sun shines a balmy nine hours a day from November to May. There is also an island masseur who offers a range of spa treatments for your pleasure!
For those of you who have done so or have always wanted to try, check out the deep sea fishing on a 30′ custom built Solid powerboat with twin 115 HP four stroke engines. Or try some world class bone fishing fin their 17′ Boston Whaler. Renting Little Whale Cay offers you the opportunity to do as much or as little as you like as you. You can lie back and relax or challenge yourself with a wide range of sports, activities and excursions. Whether it’s water ski-ing or sitting in a doughnut you’ll be shooting through the clear waters around the island behind their 100hp Boston whaler power boat, going like the wind. They also have wave runners! Imagine cutting through the clear waters, only the splashing sounds and nothing but the wind and the sea for company. Try the visits to the nearby islands, meet the locals and hike through some of the island’s most beautiful and hidden places.
One of the nearby islands even has a stunning lake with caves that you can jump into from a nearby bluff, the vista is quite beautiful and this should not be missed.
Little Whale Cay really is your own tropical private paradise, a desert island dream of white sands and clear water, stretching on forever beneath an azure blue Caribbean sky.…