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6 February 2024

Marané Luxury Swim Shorts

Marané is dedicated to connecting its wearer with the water and the surrounding natural world, through painstaking attention to detail, high quality construction, and an incomparable cut.
The story of Marané and its elegant and classic Manantiales swim short is rooted in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The Atlantic Ocean, wild uncluttered beaches and a thriving creative community inspired lifelong family friends Christine Serhal and Alessandro Aquilina, to create the perfect swim short.
They took two years to develop the Manantiales, carefully searching out the best fabrics, finishes and techniques and then naming the end result after their home town. “We don’t believe in fast fashion,” said Christine “we are committed to quality and craftsmanship and everything we do is to the highest standard.”
This uncompromising attitude has led them to create the gorgeous Manantiales; a swim short that is comfortable and has an easy, understated tailored elegance. A swim short elegant enough to take you anywhere, from swimming, horse-riding or hiking to an asado (barbeque), party, lunch or cocktails.
The shorts, whilst inspired by and designed in Uruguay, are produced in Portugal incorporating cutting edge seam bonding technology which Marané are the first luxury men’s swimwear designer to use. Bonding seams with an adhesive, using heat or pressure, results in a cleaner, sleeker look with superior seam strength and durability. The fabric is from Belgium, 100% polyester with exceptional quick drying properties, and a brushed finish that feels reminiscent of luxurious vintage cotton.
There are nods to the heritage of the Manantiales; a flash of blue on the right vent, El Azul Marané, inspired by the Atlantic Ocean catches the eye and also matches the lining. The two Marané ‘x’s on the either side of the back pocket are inspired by “sogueria y trenzado criollo” a Latin American craft tradition.
The shorts come in 6 solid colours, inspired by the natural environment of Punta del Este, they are understated yet powerful – Horizonte/Horizon, Soleado/Amber Sun, Sombra/Shadow, Atlantico/Atlantic, Marané Azul/ Marané Blue and Viento/Wind.
There are also three prints, the Horizon Collection, which are the result of a collaboration with local artist, Claudio Pincas. The stunning three watercolours, Atlantic Sky, Sunset and After the Storm, reflect the spirit of Punta’s skyline. The paintings were sublimated directly onto the fabric without photoshop or editing in order to retain every brushstroke and detail.
The swim shorts are available online at http://www.marané.uy as well as being sold exclusively in Europe at AP&Co in Zurich or from their store in Manantiales.
The Marané store embodies the essence and vision of Marané, in that it represents community and a place to gather and share ideas, to be inspired and to enjoy the beauty of a very special place.
The store building is the result of a collaboration with local architect, Andres Villalba, and designer, Maria Gutierrez, to create a contemporary structure that blends in with the natural surroundings. In the summer it is an open and inviting space but during the winter months it can simply close up like a mysterious box.
The store was built in just 25 days by local builder, Pablo Pi, who is also a sculptor. Local pine and eucalyptus wood was used extensively and doors, windows and shutters were recovered from an old building in Montevideo. All the furniture in the store are bespoke creations by Frederico, whose own workshop is just across the street. The 5m cabinet that runs through the centre of the store was created to bring focus and respect back to the product.
“We created the Manantiales for the man who relishes the feeling of diving into the ocean,” said Alessandro “for the man who values quality and a classic understated style.”