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6 February 2024

Reep Southern Host McLaren Supercars At Dunsfold Racetrack

Reep Southern hosted over 30 McLaren supercars at the Dunsfold Racetrack on Saturday with the McLaren Owners Club. A procession of McLaren supercars arrived at the Reep state of the art studio in The Old Fire Station at Dunsfold Park and lined up in multiple rows beside the famous Top Gear race track.
Reep Southern are leaders in the field of car care and protection. They are dedicated to creating the perfect protection package for any car, be it a Range Rover, Audi, Porsche or McLaren supercar. It’s also the ideal location for Londoners to bring their cars to be protected and enhanced. The Old Fire Station at Dunsfold is now home to a specially built clean room, and Detailing studio. The clean room is equipped with advanced lighting and temperature controls ensuring they have the perfect environment and conditions to care for your pride and joy.
After a hearty British barbecue, the McLarens formed an orderly procession as they lined up by the Dunsfold track for photographs and video. It was a sight to gladden every petrolhead’s heart as these supercars of every hue and livery were brought together for this exceptional meeting. Not to mention the customer cars that were already present in the studio: an Aston Martin Rapide, a Porsche GT3RS 4.0L, a Nissan 370Z Nismo, a Lotus Exige S2 Cadena Racing, a BMW Z3M and a McLaren 650s.
The McLaren owners were excited to be at the famous Top Gear track and delighted to spot every different model of McLaren, from the 720S in Glacier White, to the outstanding McLaren Special Operations 675LT in blue, black and orange that had been suped up to 740bhp. LT stands for Longtail, inspired by the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ that debuted during the 1997 race season. Only 25 of these were ever made and McLaren’s aim with the 675LT was to create the most track-focused road legal model in the Super Series! According to its owner the torque on the 675LT has to been experienced to be believed. It was British supercar heaven, with 720Ss jostling beside sparkling McLaren 650S Coupes and Spiders, with 570S GTs and Spiders gleaming next to 675LT Spiders, of which only 500 were made globally. It looked like an alien fleet of spacecraft with wheels had landed at Reep’s Dunsfold studio.
Moto Galleria were also there with a range of magnificent motorcycles that graced Italy’s racetracks and roadways in the 1950s and 1960s. Hand-built by artisans, and extremely labour-intensive to build, these bikes were produced in very small numbers. These objects of extraordinary design and beauty adorned the Reep studio and were much admired by the McLaren owners. Bikes such as the MV Agusta 350b, an early Mondial 125 from 1951, a colourful Benelli 2 stroke Clubman Race Bike, an Aermacchi Harley Davidson 350cc Race Bike and a Suzuki GXR 1000, ex David Jefferies.
Reep will be holding more of these exclusive days for those that appreciate such mechanical marvels, both modern and classic. Dedicated as they are to protecting, preserving and refashioning cars that deserve that extra care. Everything for supercars to the family SUV can take a lot of damage on the roads, much of which can be avoided to preserve their value, using Paint Protection Film, which forms an almost invisible shield to protect your vehicle’s paintwork from stones, scratches, minor abrasions. Not to mention the endless possibilities available with wrapping, where you can protect your car and change its colour, making it completely bespoke, unique and stand out from the crowd.