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6 February 2024

Sarah Millican Control Enthusiast Stand Up Comedy

Sarah Millican is appearing in theatres all over the UK, and I managed to catch her at GLive in Guildford for a wonderful night of ribald laughter.
Millican is in fart popping, expletive laden style in her new show “Control Enthusiast”. She exposes ours and her personal foibles with endearing frankness, often accompanied by little coy looks directed around the audience, each time she gleefully steps over normal boundaries of politeness.
She is so quintessentially English and yet free to share the most intimate bodily functions and details of sex, bathroom habits and the frequent embarrassments of daily life. It is this sailor swearing manner that makes her so appealing, you know it’s coming, but she manages to shock with every line, whilst at the same time making it seem all so natural.
The things we would never normally discuss are thrown out with a controlled skill as she ably manipulates our expectations and rids us of our usual British reserve about every manner of domestic  situation. Topics that would seem crass from any other comedian are thrown at the audience whom she carries along with effortless skill, though as the title of the show indicates, this talent has been honed over many years and is tightly delivered.
It was a fabulous show with a diverse crowd, every age laughing at marvellously inappropriate asides, the loudest guffaws coming from the most conservative of middle aged ladies, with sharp bursts of laughter from all. Millican was at her best when she took the most risks, but much of the show revolved around material she is comfortable with, so I would love to see her take it a step further.
She is without doubt one of the very best comedians in the UK, and this show was controlled perfection. The audience loved her from the start and left upbeat and happy with large grins on their faces, which is pretty awesome when you think about it. My favourite part of the act was “things she has said no to”, a varied and surprising list of requests, from the banal to the bizarre. You’ll never look at a Crunchie in the same way again.
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