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6 February 2024

Solar Powered Anti-Poaching Vehicles Launch At Shamwari Game Reserve

 Shamwari Game Reserve, part of Shamwari Group, in conjunction with key partners – South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI-Electric Nissan Truck supplier), Powertech (ATV battery supplier), Tracker (Vehicle telematic equipment supplier) and Imperial Green Mobility (ATV fleet supplier) have unveiled their first electric Safari vehicle, which is hoped to help make the Safari experience greener and more sustainable and also support Shamwari Game Reserve’s anti-poaching initiatives.
An electric Nissan truck and an electric vehicle platform provided by SANEDI, will be placed at Shamwari Game Reserve for use by the Conservation Experience Programme. This 20 seater truck will be used to host and transport students as part of Shamwari’s behind the scenes experiences, which expose guests to several management tasks and projects in conservation, wildlife, ecology and community incumbencies.
The ‘quads’, electric all-terrain vehicle platform provided by Imperial Green Mobility, will be used by the rhino anti-poaching programme and possibly a mobile film unit.
The deployment of a dedicated car port housing a solar array at Shamwari will provide the ideal renewable source of energy for charging the vehicles and will provide a completely off-grid solution for a ‘green’ game reserve experience.
The multi industry partnership forms part of uYilo’s activities to pool together various companies and organisations towards introducing e-mobility and its technologies in to South Africa. The intent is to create awareness, test performance of EVs in different roles and determine the feasibly of e-Mobility for the Safari industry.
The research and development focus will be on the feasibility of developing a fully South African designed and engineered EV for the Safari industry and its potential to champion several other rural industries.
Comments Joe Cloete, Group General Manager for Shamwari Group, “This is yet another remarkable initiative that helps us in our pursuit to conserve a vanishing way of life and be more self-sufficient whilst offering guests something truly unique. This type of support will be groundbreaking in the fight against poachers. The research and development will help in developing and testing the technology at Shamwari Game Reserve for the Safari industry of the future. ”