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6 February 2024

SunnyCam Video Camera Sunglasses For Sport & Leisure

So there’s a tech company in town, SunnyCam who make a range of sunglasses that are also 1080p video recorders with a 90 degree field of view.
Now Google Glasses came out and failed spectacularly, they were withdrawn after so much hype, people were expecting a new world revolution in tech.
But SunnyCam got this right, they have built a simple sports or family video recorder that makes it easy to capture some amazing moments without having to stop and separate from the moment itself.
You all know the drill, something amazing is happening so you pull out the phone to record, but at the same time you lose your connection to that event. You are now seeing it through the screen, one step removed. Or as with the GoPro, you have to have a certain amount of equipment to get that sports shot, a helmet or other such attachment device.
The SunnyCam gets round all that, it’s a simple pair of sunglasses, and pretty well designed, enough so that no one notices you are sporting a camera, and convenient enough that you don’t feel it either, but it’s there when you need it.
At the simple touch of a button on the side of the left arm, you can start and stop recording, but you are still watching and connected to the event.
It’s brilliant, though you slightly feel like the Terminator as you pan your head round smoothly to keep a steady shot. Quick tip, you do need to keep a steady head if you don’t want the camera to spin about, as we actually look around very quickly, but our mind adjusts for the speed, not so the camera.
We’ve taken it cycling, water skiing, on jet skis and on family picnics. People act naturally as they have no idea if you’re filming or not, (hmm that might need considering) and it takes up to a 64 GB removable memory card and can film for one hour on a single charge.
Is it excellent? Well, almost, the quality is good in non challenging lighting conditions. It does struggle if you move rapidly from bright areas to dark, but to be fair so do most cameras, especially at that price range.
It is unquestionably fantastic value for money. The price ranges from £119 for the Activ glasses to £149.99 for the water resistant Xtreme Edition, which is admirable for what it can do. I would advise them to up the quality and to charge a little more for a top of the range pair, as these would sell like hot cakes.
They are doing very well in a short space of time as they are now stocked in every major electronics shop here and in the States. They are doing what Google failed to do, keeping it simple and affordable.
SunnyCam makes video incredibly easy whilst keeping you in the event. We absolutely love them and have taken to wearing them instead of normal sunglasses.
See a video taken on the SunnyCam in the Maldives here:
See here for more about them or to buy a pair: