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6 February 2024

Ten Tips To Lose Ten Pounds Instantly! A Fashion Editors Secrets To Looking Slimmer

You have finally finished up the last of the Christmas chocolate stash, the party season is well and truly behind us, and most of us are dreaming of somewhere hot and sunny as the perfect antidote to this grim grey weather. Waistband feeling a little tighter? Planning on hit the gym with a side order of a crash diet to undo that extra festive weight? Panic not – here are ten of my styling tricks that will slim you down instantly, meaning that you can literally have your Christmas cake and eat it. Enjoy!
Check Your Underwear
I know this is an obvious one, but ladies, ask yourself – when did you actually last go and get fitted properly? I know I don’t need to tell you that this makes an enormous difference to your shape, and is basically the ‘scaffolding’ upon which we hang the rest of your wardrobe, so if you are going to invest in your clothes, please invest in your underwear first. It is worth going somewhere decent every six months as our bodies fluctuate so much – and our bras wear out more quickly than you think. Go and treat yourself – it’s vital.
Embrace The lycra
Spanx are fab! I don’t just save mine for special occasions I use them a lot on a daily basis in the colder months too – they are actually really warm – great if you are a chilly person (like me).
It’s important to get the right garment to suit your needs though – but if fitted properly, it will be really comfortable, restrict the jiggle, perk up your boobs (or your bum), shave off an inch – and keep you warm to boot!
Know Your Body Shape
Dressing for your shape really is fundamental and can make a real difference if you have previously been doing it wrong, just think of all those TV makeovers. If you are unsure, a good place to start is to think about the favourite parts of your body that you want to accentuate, and which you want to cover up. To really nail this I would advise you to book a personal styling session.
Work With Colour
If you really want to slim and elongate your frame, wear the same colour from head to toe, with as few breaks as possible. – ie – wear a black shirt with black jeans and black boots – keep the belt black to draw the eye vertically, and avoid showing skin at the ankle which would also break up this optical illusion. You will instantly look more petite.
Alternatively, remember the lighter and brighter the colour, the bigger it will make things seem. So wear darker colours on your larger bits and brighter ones on the parts you want to highlight. You could take this even further and choose a dress with flattering contrasting central panels or cut outs on the side that carve out a waist whether it exists or not. It’s all about creating an optical illusion.
Flash The Flesh
Showing a bit of flesh up top, particularly with a V neck, gives the impression of a slimmer, longer body and will help to balance out big boobs or wide hips. High necked tops can be extremely hard to wear for most of us and only the very slim and flat-chested can rock this look so be wary.
Accessorise Wisely
Wearing a killer pair of earrings will make your neck look longer and draw attention to your face, away from other areas. Equally, a long necklace that finishes between your boobs and your navel will create super slimming vertical lines. Need a scarf? Wrapping it around your neck will create unwanted bulk up top, instead wear it open and long, simply hanging from your neck. Beautiful.
Lovely Long Layers
My failsafe for anyone with a bit of a tummy is to colour block them and put them in long layers. Choose cardigans, coats and jackets that fall at least to the knee, floor length is even better.
Choose Wide Flat Waistbands.
A thin waistband can cut in, accentuating any wobble, instead make sure that they are as wide and flat as possible. I love a shirred waistband on a dress, for example. Be careful with pleated skirts – you can find pleats that lie flat against your middle, but many add volume, so be super cautious if this is a problem area. Also if you know your shape you will know that placing your waist is vital as well – if you have a particularly round tum, try moving the waistband slightly up or down and highlight an artificial waist. Just watch there isn’t too much material in an empire line cut or you will look pregnant!
Wide Leg Trousers
I love a wide leg! Make them as long as you can and wear with heels – or ideally platforms – and plump for a high waisted version, particularly if your legs are a little short. It’s all about balancing proportion. If you have a bigger top or middle, adding the right volume to your lower half will work for you.
Camouflage Your Shoes
Besides going with everything in your wardrobe, opting for a nude shoe that blends in with your natural skin tone which will make your legs look endless from a distance. Opt for a court shoe with no straps that cut you off for the best effect.
So with a bit of planning, you don’t have to let a few extra pounds add to the January blues. Anyone can look fabulous, no matter what their size. It is simply a matter of knowing what to wear and how to wear it.
Happy Shopping!
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