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6 February 2024

The Restory: Helping to Re-Fashion and Re-Story Your Wedding Shoes and Bags

Shoe repair is probably not the first service that springs to mind when you think about organising or attending a wedding. An idyllic venue, delicious food, champagne, beautiful flowers, gorgeous clothes and accessories, these are more than likely to be at the top of your list. However, the skills and services offered by a really good shoe restoration company can solve a myriad of problems, enhance many outfits and also provide some great gifts ideas for the bride and groom or even the bridesmaids.
Naturally, outfits play a huge role at a wedding. If you’re a guest you might already have a classic go-to look, with all the right accessories, that makes you feel fabulous and comfortable. Some may use the appearance of the invitation on the doormat as the perfect excuse to go shopping and find an utterly gorgeous new ensemble. Most of us will turn to our classic wedding favourite, but horror of horrors, your finery from last season is a bit jaded, covered in grass stains and damaged. Alternatively, you’ve shopped until you dropped and found the ideal look, but colour wise the shoes and bags are not quite in sync!
It’s the same for the wedding party; the bride finds The Dress and then is in need of the right accessories, however, who knew there were so many variations of cream, white, off-white and ivory. Maybe the Mother of the Bride has the perfect vintage Chanel bag to go with her dress but the strap is on the verge of giving out.
This is when a consultation with an on-demand shoe and handbag restoration service such as The Restory is the answer. Simply contact them through their website or phone to book a collection. They will then send a charming consultant to meet with you at your convenience to discuss what you would like done. Your accessories are then whisked away to their atelier where their team of skilled artisans work their magic to repair or repurpose your bag or shoes.
The Restory, with their ethos of revive, repair and reimagine, are leading the way when it comes sustainable, circular fashion. Their underlying philosophy is to care for and maintain our quality purchases, preserving their value, associated memories and heritage. These superbly designed luxury items should exist for more than just a few seasons or even just a few outings. The Restory’s skills and experience ensure that investment pieces and beloved items are kept fit for purpose, improved and enhanced according to our needs.
Once all the restoration and reimagining has been completed, your beloved items will be carefully checked over, beautifully packaged up and personally returned to your door within 72 hours.
Your favourite Jimmy Choo pumps that lost their sparkle, because you chased the bride’s bouquet across a gravel drive, can be revived. Your Louboutins with torn leather on the heels, abused navigating the lawn to find more champagne for the toast, are eminently fixable.
If the bride’s dress is a completely unique shade of pearl-white or the bridesmaids are sporting an unusual lavender tone The Restory is your go-to service to match them with shoes and bags in a jiffy. Don’t just take our word for it, Vogue Magazine uses The Restory as their go to service for its shoe and handbag restoration.
Also, should you find yourself short of a present idea, gift vouchers for The Restory are a highly thoughtful and original gift. A bride will appreciate being able to wear her beautiful wedding shoes again as dyeing them or enhancing the straps can give them a second life. Maybe surprise the groom and his ushers by having the soles of their shoes dyed to coordinate with the wedding colour scheme. Every bridesmaid would welcome the opportunity to give their shoes another lease of life or some TLC after the reception.
Given all the many ways The Restory can help a wedding party or a wedding guest, it’s safe to say they really should be on the list of go-to wedding services!