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6 February 2024

The Restory: Shoe Restoration Joins The On-Demand Generation

These days London living comes with the convenience of a plethora of on-demand businesses that offer a dizzying array of services. Aside from the usual Amazon delivery or regular weekly shop, anything from dog sitters to dry cleaning services to kick boxing lessons can be on your doorstep with the click of a mouse, press of a button or tap on a screen.
We are all in favour of making life easier and anything that turns the mundane or difficult to do into something enjoyable is definitely worth considering. These are a few of our favourite on-demand London services and we highly recommend you check them out and make your life both less stressful and more pleasurable.
If you have an important date, a last-minute party or are just in need of a little pampering Blow Ltd and Le Salon are must-use services. Bad hair-day, dark circles, chipped nails or a complete look needed? These can all be taken care of in the comfort and convenience of your home. Book via app or websites and therapists can be at your door from 7am until late to leave you feeling fabulous and red carpet ready.
Getting shoes, boots and bags repaired has never been particularly fun, and can even result in disaster in the wrong hands. In steps Vogue’s secret weapon, The Restory.
Cobble stones shredded your Pigalles? Cooking oil on those Chloe boots? Colour worn off the corners of your Antigona? All bread and butter for this team. And if you fancy pimping that old Gucci bag you pulled out of Mum’s closet? Call them (some of their artisans are also designers).
Book online (and soon by app) and they will dispatch one of their utterly charming consultants to come collect your items from any Central or West London location. Your items will be taken to their atelier where a talented team of in-house artisans will set to work breathing new life into your most loved things. The best part is everything is returned cleaned and beautifully packed…It’s like Christmas!
We’ve all had those evenings when cooking a meal from scratch (sorry Jamie Oliver!) is just too much to contemplate or we’ve unexpected guests to feed. Deliveroo to the rescue. Craving a naughty snack, gourmet burger or a lovely Italian dinner for six? Just log on to Deliveroo, place your order and hey presto your culinary problems are solved!
There really seems to be an app for just about anything – you might never leave your sofa again! And when you’re feeling a bit soft from your uber-convenient life-style, on-demand personal trainers can be found at