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6 February 2024

Top Ten Family Luxury Ski Chalets and Resorts

Some of the best family holidays are taken either on a sailing yacht or on a skiing holiday.  All family members can take part at varying levels of interest and commitment, they are brilliant for children for both the enjoyment and the education, i.e. they come across situations where they have to make decisions.  In skiing, a slope might appear very challenging at first sight so a decision has to be made; gaining a great life skill will stand them in good stead in later life.
The choice can be bewildering in ski holiday options, with different; countries, resorts, accommodation and, not least, is finding the right characteristics and demands of the ski terrain.  
In setting our criteria for our Top Ten, the easiest choice was to opt for catered chalets as that both gives guests the option of Chinese or any other style of cuisine, as well as much more flexibility in meal times for differing ages and, as a family group, the enjoyment is series of private experiences.  
There are things to avoid or at least minimise if possible; carrying skis which always seem to want to go in different directions and walking to ski lifts in boots that are the world’s least friendly footwear.   For some strange reason, the people who design ski lifts always include a flight of stairs instead of being able to walk straight on at street level.
Ski-in, ski-out is a big bonus and so where possible the choices take that into account.  However, many long established resorts are built in the valleys which limits the choice; so regrettably, no St. Moritz and no Klosters.   The capital of ski in, ski out has to be France’s Trois Vallées but we wanted to show a much wider selection.  There are some great resorts which cannot be ignored where a short walk of a maximum of 200m. from the chalet to the piste are included.  We have chosen complementary resorts; the chalets vary significantly in price so in the more expensive resorts, more expensive chalets seem more appropriate.  
All the chalets have staff to look after your every need both before and during your stay.  Their concierge services include sorting out ski passes, particular requests, restaurant and other bookings, housekeeping, etc.  The chef/s will prepare all meals which will be served along with wines, etc.   There are minor variations in the detail, for instance, some chalets do give the chef an evening off each week,  but they offer a superb standard of service to ensure that your stay is thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing.
The ‘Top ten’ is actually eleven as finding ski in, ski out resorts with chalets was such a big challenge.  They are set out in a random order from which you can make your own ‘Number One’ choice. 
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Please follow the links below to read about each of the top chalets and resorts.

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