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6 February 2024

Edmiston Launch Top 100 Yachts E100 Charter

Edmiston have launched their new Yacht Charter Directory listing the top 100 boats in the world available to charter.
This is a collection of the most stunning boats on the planet complete with everything from multiple helipads, swimming pools, on board sports, jet skis, tenders etc to 100 foot slides straight into the water. The prices range from 1,247,000 USD per week down, so this is the ultimate luxury holiday. It is more expensive than going into space, but the Yachts are quite simply stunning.
International eXcellence Magazine spoke to Rory Trahair at Edmiston Yachts.
– Why charter a Yacht?
No other holiday offers such a unique combination of service, destination and flexibility – to be able to be in the right place on the right day is where a yacht proves superior to every other type of holiday.
We often say to clients that they will unpack once or indeed have their bag unpacked for them and then visit 15 different destinations. The only ‘transfer’ they will make during this time will be from yacht to tender and tender to a secluded golden beach or waterside restaurant.
Over the past two years we have built and delivered yachts to clients which have broken the boundaries in terms of facilities. These have included dual helipads, a zip wire, diving boards on every deck, a squash court and sound & lighting systems which would rival any Ibiza nightclub.
These facilities, combined with unrivalled levels of service we are seeing onboard yachts, have set the benchmark for what our clients have come to expect from an Edmiston charter.
 –  Some of the emerging trends ?
In terms of destinations, the Mediterranean remains the place to see or perhaps more appropriately, “the place to BE seen”. It has the infrastructure, the restaurants, nightlife, scenery and facilities which our clients have come to expect and seem reluctant to give up.  The Caribbean is not as popular as it was, but it is difficult to see that, if you find yourself anchored off St Barts for new year.
We are finding an increasing number of yachts venturing further afield with 22 yachts currently in various points of a circumnavigation.  With this comes increased demand from clients to explore these more exotic destinations.
10 years ago, a 50 metre yacht was regarded as large and anything over 100 metres was the preserve of Oligarchs, Shiek’s and Royalty. Today, 50 metres is the norm and the 30 largest yachts in the world are all in excess of 100 metres.
Yachts are getting larger,  and with this our clients expectations and demands for the latest and largest yachts are increasing, and our brokers are having to deliver….. this is exactly why we have developed the E100.
 – How did you come up with the E100?
This is our FTSE 100 and represents the 100 best performing yachts on the market.  Our commodity is yachts but what we aim to deliver is an experience unmatched by any other.
The selection process was not easy. With over 1500 yachts available for charter today, we had to ensure that we included what we perceived to be the finest in class; a comparison which was made on an analysis of so much more than simply size.
Our experienced brokers looked at age, service, the all important crew, the chef and cuisine, deck space, water sports facilities and equipment, interior design and ultimately the yachts overall quality – the complete package.
The E100 is the most dynamic list of yachts for charter and changes throughout the year with new yachts being launched and entering the charter market, while others may be off the radar for a year while being refitted to come back better than ever.  
100 yachts, 37 new entries. The finest super yachts from 25 to over 90 metres with rates ranging from €30,000 to over €2 million per week.
The top 5: NERO, NIRVANA, MALTESE FALCON, SOLANGE, ALFA NERO – 450 metres of some of the finest and most iconic yachts ever launched! The sensational LADY BRITT remains in her rightful place within the top 20, while the recently launched OHANA comes in at 47.
 –  Where are the best places to charter?
As the season progresses at the beginning of the year, the fleet heads East to Italy and beyond to Greece and Turkey, taking in the ever stunning Bay of Naples, Capri and the Amalfi Coast, with a stop off in Portofino on the way of course.
Corsica and Sardinia are where a yacht really comes into its own. Corsica’s Calvi to Bonfacio itinerary is one of the most popular, while Porto Cervo, Cala di Volpe and Porto Retondo still attract some of the largest yachts at the height of the summer.
For those looking to get competitive, the Loro Piano Superyacht regatta in early June is a must see.  
The Cote D’Azur always has unending appeal. Start with breakfast in Monaco, Lunch in Cannes, Dinner in St Tropez – 120 kilometers of sublime scenery and the reason more of the E100 spend time here than in any other single locations in the world.
The Cote D’Azur is home to some must see sporting and arts events: The Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes film festival in May. This year the London to Monaco powerboat race for which we will be sponsoring the superyacht division, and the Voile De St Tropez in late September marks the end of another memorable summer.
Until recently, Croatia was known of, but rarely visited by large yachts. It seems extraordinary that even in the Mediterranean a destination such as this has remained relatively undiscovered, but now it’s on every yachts must see list.
Hvar offers the best scene in the evening, however with over a thousand islands and inlets, most prefer to anchor. Further south is the increasingly popular Porto Montenegro…. Which has someway to go before they catch up with Monaco, but they certainly have it in their sights.
For winter sun, clients are consistently drawn to the Caribbean as it is easy to reach, good for families, has a laid back style, but is buzzy and cool. The sheer breadth of what is on offer is what makes the Caribbean so appealing. The fashionable harbours of St Barts and Antigua. Exceptional scuba diving in St Lucia and the Bahamas. The challenging peaks of Dominica, St Kitts and Grenada…. And this is before you have set foot on any one of the thousands of golden beaches for a BBQ!
 –  What are the top yachts available?
Still in the top 20 for size, but arguably no. 1 for everything else, LADY BRITT already has five bookings for this year and remains one of the most sought after yachts in the E100.
With a 30 piece aqua park and 13 metre water slide, she is a firm favourite with families and kids who will certainly not be disappointed by the Chef’s 30 flavours of ice cream. His Michelin star and countless accolades should keep the parents happy too!
Having just spent the winter in the Caribbean, she returns to the Med for another busy season.
The latest addition to our fleet, OHANA sailed all the way from New Zealand where she was launched, through the Pacific to arrive for her debut in the Caribbean this winter. A very powerful sloop, OHANA is at home on the regatta circuit or cruising the world’s oceans. Even at 50 metres, OHANA offers all the thrill of sailing with the luxury and comfort of a superyacht.
Cruising the Cote D’Azur this summer is DB9, with a top speed of 30 knots, her metallic paintwork and the small detail of not one, but three pools, DB9 is the ultimate sportsboat, and at 52 metres, she will certainly stand out in St Tropez as you watch the sun go down at Senequier and prepare for a quiet evening out!  
Over the past year we have organised charters in Indonesia, the Seychelles and Maldives, French Polynesia, Marshall Islands, Fiji and even the Amazon. Perhaps well known and popular destinations for traditional land based holidays; on a yacht, these places take on a completely different appeal offering unique access and a totally new perspective.
Over 12 yachts from the E100 are currently cruising in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles are most people’s idea of the perfect islands as well as the Maldives. For those looking to cruise for a lifetime, the Andamans, Thailand and Indonesia offer some of the finest cruising in the world.
This winter ANASTASIA and UTOPIA have been in the Maldives, while PRINCESS IOLANTHE continues her voyage around Thailand.  
From the Great Barrier reef to the Easter Islands and on to the Galapagos and Central America, the Pacific Ocean can only be properly explored onboard a yacht. AZTECA II is cruising in Mexico and the Sea of Cortez and for the ultimate adventure, cruise up the Amazon onboard AQUA
If you are a football fan, why not charter a yacht in Brazil for the World Cup this summer.
NIRVANA in the Maldives
In at no. 2 and at 88 metres, NIRVANA is one of the most impressive yachts afloat today. Her huge aft deck features a 5 metre pool with retracting floor which transforms into a dance floor.
The watersports equipment onboard is staggering with a fleet of jet skis, sports and limo tenders and every conceivable inflatable and towable for everyone to enjoy. There is a vast Jacuzzi on the sundeck, while the gym and spa on the upper deck would rival any 5* hotel. If time is money, which it will be at €900,000 per week, there are two helipads.
TV in Thailand
Number 7 in the E100, TV is one of the most impressive yachts for charter anywhere in the world – the fact she has spent a number of years cruising in some of the most spectacular destinations across South East Asia makes her even more unique. Returning to the Med this summer now you really can see the world on TV.
– So what’s hot for 2014?
Over 50 yachts in excess of 50 metres are due to be launched this year, I suspect we will see some new editions to the E100 almost immediately!  
The Mediterranean remains incredibly popular and with over three quarters of the E100 based there this summer, that seems unlikely to change.
While yacht owners are starting to see the benefits of venturing further afield, we are also seeing many emerging markets coming onto our radar. Many are long games, but we are watching them closely.
The key wealth centres of the world, London, Dubai, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong are showing signs of renewed confidence. In response to this we are attending the Dubai yacht show in early March and will be in Singapore for the show in April.

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