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6 February 2024

Energica Eva Ribelle / Eva Ribelle RS – First Ride

Energica are an electric motorcycle manufacturer. 

They are part of the CRP Group, a technology company which specialises in materials engineering. They push the boundaries of what is possible, inventing new materials and new ways to create complex parts. It’s fascinating stuff. For example;  Electron Beam Melting, Direct Metal Laser Sintering and high precision 5 axes CNC machining 

To say Energica is an electric motorcycle manufacturer is like describing Koenigsegg as just a car manufacturer. Yes, they make electric motorcycles, but they are unashamedly expensive and extreme. They don’t make commuter motorcycles or motorcycles for pizza delivery companies. What they do make are the most extreme electric motorcycles available to buy today.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the UK importers, English Electric Motorcycles, recently at the launch of the new Ribelle. 

Ribelle is described as the world’s one and only electric hyper-naked. With a power figure of 149hp (171hp peak) and torque of 215 Nm, there is nothing in the competitors stables that can touch it. 

My time on the Ribelle was relatively short, unfortunately, only an hour or so, but I have some longer trips planned soon. However, this was long enough to give me a good feel for the bike, and what a bike it is!

If you have ridden electric, you will be familiar with just how easy they are to ride. There is no gearbox in the traditional sense, just one gear, and no clutch, just a throttle and brakes. As a result, there is very little clutter on the bars, just a throttle and front brake. There’s the obligatory switchgear too. 

The first few hundred metres feel strange but familiar at the same time. Familiar in the sense it’s a motorcycle that turns and stops like any other, but strange in that it doesn’t have a gearbox or a clutch, it’s a simple twist and go. For a while you find yourself going for another gear, or reaching for a clutch lever that isn’t there. It’s actually quite funny. 

Out on the road it is outrageous. The chassis is superb. It’s comfortable with a nice riding position, not cramped or compromised. The suspension is very good, firm but well damped, you can feel the quality. Brakes are superb and helped by the regenerative braking. On maximum regeneration, you can almost ride without using the brakes, it’s great. 

My test route was a combination of fast flowing dual carriageway and B roads and tipping in to a smooth, well surfaced roundabout, the chassis felt superb with lots of feedback and lots of grip. The throttle response is excellent, very smooth, delivering the huge, seemless power in a progressive and manageable way. 

Probably the most standout attribute of the Ribelle, more that the great handling or excellent build quality, is simply the way it accelerates. It’s unyielding. At 70mph you can lift the front wheel with a twist of the throttle. Exiting corners the Ribelle is incredible, punching you through the air feroiciously and relentlessly. There’s only one gear so acceleration is brutal and seamless, until you reach the limited 125mph top speed. It’s not light at 260kg, but you really don’t notice it once you’re moving. It not all drama and adrenaline though and if you want to, the Ribelle will glide around, smoothly, sedately and in comfort.

Electric motorcycles required far less maintenance that internal combustion enginesd bikes, for example, Energica utilise a liquid-cooling system for the motor and inverter. Transmission oil is now changed only every 30,000 km/18,600 miles and motor/Inverter coolant every 45,000 km/28,000 miles.

Top speed is limited to 125mph, which it reaches easily. Energica claim the Eva Ribelle has a range of up tp 261 city miles and 123 miles on the motorway, 153 miles Combined. I didn’t get to explore the range but will, and will report back. Fast charging the 21.5 kWh long-range lithium-ion battery to 80%l takes just over 40 minutes. 

Think of the Energica as a supercar manufacturer. They make an extreme version of the electric motorcycle. It’s not cheap at around £25,000 but this is not for everyone. 

I am looking forward to riding this again soon.


POWER: Peak 126 kW – 171 Hp / Sustained 110 kW – 149 Hp

TORQUE: 215 Nm – 159 lb-ft

TOP SPEED: 200 km/h – 125 mph

ACCELERATION: 0-100 kmh – 0-60 mph 2.6 sec.

RANGE: 420 km – 261 miles City / 246 km – 153 miles Combined / 198 km – 123 miles Extra Urban

PRICE: Standard Ribelle – £25,190 / Ribelle RS – £26,440


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