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6 February 2024

The Restory: Restore & Repair Luxury Shoes In London

We all have that one pair of shoes or boots or that special handbag we absolutely adore, maybe they were a present, perhaps a well-earned treat to ourselves or an investment piece. These are the accessories that give us a boost and make us feel wonderful when we use them, but what do we do when we realise that they don’t look as fabulous as they once did; perhaps the colour has faded, the clasp is broken or the handle cracked. Treasured and, more often than not, valuable items such as this need specialised craftsmen and materials to restore them to their former glory, and this is not something your local cobbler has the experience and knowledge to carry out with any certainty of success.
Enter The Restory. The brainchild of Notting Hill resident, Vanessa Jacobs, who having had a pair of beloved Louboutin ankle boots damaged during a seemingly simple heel repair, realised that there was a need for a highly skilled shoe and handbag repair service. “London has a wealth of tradition in tailoring and shoe making and I was surprised and frustrated by the lack of a convenient restoration and shoe repair service,” said Vanessa. “I also have a soft spot for gorgeous shoes and bags and know that we don’t always want to replace them when they are broken. In fact, I think a service such as this can help you fall in love with your favourite things all over again.”
The Restory will undertake almost anything footwear or handbag related; from fixing a squeaky heel to completely rebuilding a shoe; mending a handbag’s zip to completely replacing the lining and this service covers both women’s and men’s accessories. Another aspect of their service is refashioning, perhaps you would like to change the colour of your favourite boots or add some contrast piping or a fabulous new lining to your favourite bag? A conversation with one of The Restory’s consultants can make this happen.
“We have an incredible team of artisans at The Restory, their experience and knowledge means we get the best solution every time.” Vanessa continued, “but it’s not just craftsmanship and experience that’s important to me, convenience and customer service is too. We want to take the hassle and inconvenience factor out of repairs. We will come to you when and where you need us and you let us know where and when you would like your items returned. Given the rise of on demand home delivery the collection and return aspect of our service is important and living in an area that boasts the widest range of such services is very attractive.” One of the reasons property prices have been soaring in areas such as Chelsea and Notting Hill Gate is the appearance of creative luxury brands such as The Restory offering door to door personal services that improve the quality of life for local residents.
So, how does the service work? Very simply and very easily, as all you need to do is call or visit their website to book a collection. A consultant will come to meet with you at any London address and discuss exactly what needs to be done. Your items are then taken back to The Restory’s Atelier to find the right craftsman for the job and within 72 hours your item will be returned to you clean and as good as new. In fact, the best part of the whole experience is getting your loved item back. It will be exquisitely packaged and it feels a little like Christmas when you unwrap it and your favourite shoes are restored to you brand new!