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10,000 sqft

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Chateau Le Mans is an exclusive Château offering tailor made sojourns in the most authentic tradition of French aristocracy. It is located less than 2 hours from Paris at the beginning of the Loire Valley, with its famous castles. Transfer arrangements : private chauffeur, cabriolet rental car, etc can easily be arranged.

12 double rooms and 2 single, all en suite.

Suites & Rooms
Prestigious family suites and elegant rooms in the Château as well as charming self catering flats in the Cottage. Discover this luxury Château hotel with its 100 acre private park, its romantic gardens surrounded by XVI century fortifications, its family chapel, its magnificent collection of antiques, oil paintings and tapestries.

The experience of authentic, aristocratic French “art de vivre” in a real family chateau will transform your discovery of the Loire Valley into a unique memory. Set amongst 100 acres of private parkland and fragrant gardens, this elegant château has been in the family since the 14th century and still has its ancient moat fortifications. Inside, the heritage is evident: Wall tapestries, luscious fabrics, ancestral portraits and endless antiques and all this without compromising on modern 21st century comfort. It’s full of heirlooms you’d normally see in a museum, but they will be your room!

Four large main reception rooms have been rehabilitated and renovated in the spirit of the different periods to which they belong. A meticulous and technical work difficult to achieve as the materials used are precious and unique. Thus, the know-how of our craftsmen contributes to revive the soul of the castle and to remain faithful to our heritage, bequeathed from generation to generation.

The Fire Room or ”Pièce à feu” is the oldest part of the castle. This room illustrates the relative comfort in which the lord lived. The thick and uneven walls reveal two interesting architectural elements. First, the monumental fireplace that made this place the only warm room in the mansion. It was here that, lord and servant alike, gathered and slept. At the corner of this room is the well accessible from the inside with, at its side, a cavity to sit in. Even if this “fire room” has undergone some modifications, particularly for the windows and the location of the door, it provides an interesting testimony to the manorial living quarters around the 15th century.

The Salon Rose takes us back to the 16th century. Apart from the windows and the fireplace, redone in the 19th century, the volumes reveal a new and more comfortable way of life. The family’s coat-of-arms that appear on the fireplace and one can be surprised to see typical Breton ermine. The Bretons having invaded Maine in the middle of the 9th century, some settled there, including descendants of the Venetians, in Latin “venetiacus” and would have given their name to Vancé, a small town about twenty kilometres from the castle. The Counts of Vendôme then took possession of this place in the second half of the 14th century before the family settled in Conflans.

The Great Dining Room or La Grande Salle à Manger has a different ceiling height than the vestibule, we are in the 17th century wing. The more imposing proportions of this Dining Room make it, to a certain extent, a ceremonial room. The monumental 18th century china cabinet with its interesting work of locksmithing is quite striking.

As for the furniture, th set of armchairs and sofas specially designed for this room has seen the colours of the original fabrics change over the centuries. We are currently working to save them by rehabilitating them, so they are renovated one by one using their reverse side, unbleached by over 250 years of daylight. We are still far from finished but we are delighted with the bright original colours that we have discovered and that we are reviving.

The property includes two self catering cottages.

Be totally independent while still enjoying the surroundings of the chateau. And depart on daily discoveries of the Loire Valley, Chartres cathedral and the scenic countryside from these two lovely self-catering flats. Situated in a newly renovated XIVth century cottage of the domain, right next to the chateau.

And if you are looking for an ideal setting for a family gathering, the Château, its large park and magnificent reception rooms have a delicately luxurious charm that is ideal for get togethers and celebrations.

Privatise the Château for a weekend and enjoy the interior reception areas or the park’s colourful gardens specially adapted to your wishes for your very special occasion. Countess Connections guarantees the success of your reception thanks to professional and attentive service providers, in order to make your event unique.

Ceremony, cocktail, brunch, meals are organised for the well-being of your guests.

Is it the sunbaked terrace below the window or the bright walls decorated with engravings that make this radiant room one of our visitors favourites? From the south facing window, your eyes follow the tortuous course of the stream as it weaves through the meadows of the valley below into the woods beyond, down to the Loire further afield…

Chateau Le Mans is nestled in a 40-hectare park where nature is preserved and is the focus of our attention. The beautiful yellow ochre facade is, in some places, vegetalised by plants that develop contrasting colours and enhance the architecture of the castle.

Wood, pond, garden form a green setting where it is pleasant to walk and relax. Over the seasons, you can enjoy an ever-changing spectacle: variations of colours, scents and species come together to delight the pupils with a very bright palette. A fairy tale of flowers: roses, lilacs, wisteria intertwine and flower in a natural union.

During the beautiful sunny mornings of spring, the massifs offer us a combination of pink tending towards mauve and others towards purple, thus creating an impressionist painting. Roses, lilies, dahlias, gladioli, agapanthus, acers, tulips, banana trees, compose a harmonious whole and bring to the castle a romantic charm. Every day, the Countess composes magnificent bouquets that sublimate bedrooms and living rooms.

The vegetable garden provides the castle table with fruits and vegetables. Thus, according to the seasons, at the castle table, you can eat salads, zucchinis, green beans, peppers, artichokes, tomatoes spiced up with our herbs as well as fruits from the garden such as apples, pears, grapes, cherries, figs, raspberries, currants…..

Our small local producers complement their quality products, which the castle garden does not provide.

Now with a new South facing swimming pool, 15 x 5 m! Enjoy the sweeping panoramic view over the garden and park as you swim. The lounge chairs, set against the West facing XVIth century fortification walls, are ideally positioned to soak up the sun, or withdraw East side to the shade of the plane trees.


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